In collaboration with The Getty Jørgen Wadum published a Historical Overview of Panel-Making Techniques, about the artistic collaboration between Rubens & Brueghel, as well as editing a translation and commented version of Connaissance des Primitifs par l’étude du bois a book by Jacqueline Marette. Recent articles are on the Painting of Human Flesh (with A.H. Christensen), The Spanish connection. The making and trade of Antwerp paintings on copper, as well as on Christian IVs Winter Room and Studiolo at Rosenborg Castle, all examples of Wadum’s strong interest in Netherlandish art. But also research into the Danish Golden Age has fostered revelations about unintended colour changea (Weie) as well as the use of underdrawing by Eckersberg, Købke og Rørbye.

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